Chat Rules and Regulations

  1. Deceptive behavior is a restriction here on chatroulette:
    • troubling others will vulgar, intimidating comments;
    • teasing other chatroulette users in concerns of their color, birth, race etc.;
    • degrading others’ dignity through text, image or video chat.
  2. It is not allowed to behave disgracefully with other chat partners:
    • chatting and showing bare chest without a face;
    • maltreat your chat companion with sexual abuse;
    • asking to get involved in sex or intercourse virtually;
    • displaying the body parts that are not socially acceptable;
    • exhibiting the genital body organs;
    • touching, scratching, rubbing or putting your hands on private parts;
    • directing camera angle lower than your chest;
    • doing any sexually or physically intimate activity.
  3. The display of the things that don’t have relevancy or diverting camera angle anywhere else rather than your face:
    • to divert webcam angle towards the PC Screen;
    • to divert webcam angle towards any other image;
    • to divert webcam angle towards any message;
    • installation of emulators to confuse other chatroulette users.
  4. Spamming the website through the following actions is prohibited:
    • exhibiting the advert pictures or putting an ad on view or sending ad text messages on chatroulette chat;
    • putting external URLs in chats;
    • sending messages in bulk;
    • persuading your chat companions to follow some external URL to promote some site, or gaining votes for any completion or surveying for any purpose.
  5. About the Complaints
    • As the respected chatroulette users you can file a complaint report against anyone who, according to you, is spamming or misleading other or misbehaving. While filling the complaint report, you are requested to affix the screenshot for faster process. Our moderators are available 24x7.
    • If we will receive complaints from many different users against any certain users then the mechanized system implemented by us will expel that user by its own. Well, this mechanism goes through many factors for deciding if particular user should be banned or not. Therefore, the process is error free.

However, our moderators go through every possible way to scan and ban violators but still we will highly appreciate your help to make sure our chat is free from the spammers and violators. So that we can offer superior chat services.